The Saw - Must Be A Story. Advertising Hatpins.

No, this little saw is not a designation of rank anywhere. It is just an advertising gimmick - in brass we think, and some white metal, no sterling mark. Tiny words on the blade top say something like The Simonds Saws Are The Best.

Howard C. Scharfe and Marjorie Scharfe Hatpin Collection, Simonds Saws Co. Advertising Hatpin

Here is Simonds, still in business, and at :// for Simonds International. Our pin rod is 8" long. Handle could even be rose gold, but there is no marking, so we guess just brass. Untarnished. Wouldn't brass tarnish?

A great American success story, it looks like. Go to the site for a detailed history of products, work for the war effort in WWII, mergers, and return to private ownership in 1988.

The site says Simonds was founded in 1832, Fitchburg, MA, making saws and knives, with successive factories and branching into Montreal and Chicago, then steel mills. It had a celebration for the 1832-2007 anniversary - the 175th. Other offices at Singapore, British Columbia, Shanghai, Barcelona, Germany and Latin America. And England, Texas, Ohio, many other states.

Notes of congratulations for their success may be sent to the World Wide Headquarters, 135 Intervale Road, PO 500, Fitchburg, MA 01420. I came, I saw.

Go, little saw, go. Other advertising hatpins are here: not ours - ://